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Former Atlanta Assembly plant photographed on I-75 in Hapeville, Georgia on January 12, 2007

Atlanta Assembly was an Automobile factory owned by Ford Motor Company in Hapeville, Georgia. Harbour Consulting rated it as the most efficient auto plant in North America in 2006. As part of The Way Forward plan, the plant was closed on October 27, 2006. [1].

The Atlanta Assembly plant was opened on December 1, 1947. [2].


The plant was purchased for over $40 million by Jacoby Development, Inc., in June 2008. [3] Demolition of the plant began in August 2008 and is expected to take one year. The site is expected to be used for a 6,500,000-square-foot (600,000 m2) "multi use" community of retail, office, and hotel developments as well as additional parking for the adjacent Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

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Geographic coordinate system: 33°39′2.78″N -84°24′6.60″E / 33.6507722°N 83.5981667°W / 33.6507722; -83.5981667

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