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The Ford 427 side oiler was a completely redesigned 427 cubic inch (7 L), cross-bolted FE Engine block that first debuted in 1965.[1]

Features and Unveiling

This Internal combustion engine featured a generous Oil gallery down the left-hand side of the engine block to keep the main bearings fully supplied with oil at high revolutions or RPM's. The 427 toenails used mechanical valve tappets, heavily favored for use in Caroll Shelby's AC cobra, the 427 side oiler not only offered tremendous Horse Power for the small amount of space alloted to the cobra but better oil passage ways improved durability on the track.


  1. The cylinder block is a machined casting containing cylindrically bored holes for the pistons of a multi-cylinder reciprocating internal combustion engine, or for a similarly constructed device such as a pump

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