Ford B3 platform

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Ford B3 platform
Automotive industryFord Motor Company
PredecessorFord B platform
SuccessorFord B2E
Car classificationSubcompact car Vehicle size class Automobile platform

The Ford B3 platform (for "Vehicle size class") is a Subcompact car Automobile platform based on the Mazda DY platform.

Vehicles using this platform include:

New Ford global B-car platform (Ford B2E)[1]

Vehicles using (2008–) this platform include:

Future vehicles on the Ford global B-car platform:

  • 2009 Ford B-MAX subcompact (code name B232) Mini MPV
  • 2009 Ford Fiesta China-market subcompact Sedan (car)
  • 2010 Ford Fiesta US-market subcompact Hatchback and Sedan (car)
  • 2010 Ford global subcompact Crossover SUV


Current Ford platforms
B3 (Subcompact car Front-wheel drive) · C1 (Compact car Front-wheel drive) · CD2 (Compact SUV Front-wheel drive/Four-wheel drive)

CD3 (Mid-size car Front-wheel drive/Four-wheel drive) · D3 (Full-size car Front-wheel drive/Four-wheel drive) · EUCD (Mid-size car Front-wheel drive/Four-wheel drive)
D2C (Sports car Rear-wheel drive) · P2/P3 (Full-size car Pickup truck) · U2/U3 (Sport utility vehicle)
T1 (Sport utility vehicle) · V2 (Minivan) · VN (Van)
DEW98 (Mid-size car Rear-wheel drive) · Panther (Full-size car Rear-wheel drive) · VH (Sports car Rear-wheel drive)

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