Ford Model 91

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Ford Model 91
A 1938 Ford-Vairogs V8 "De Luxe" mod. 81A.
Automotive industryFord of Britain
1878 made.
PredecessorFord 81
SuccessorFord Pilot
Car body style4-door Sedan (car), convertible, estate car.
Internal combustion engine3.6 L V-8
Wheelbase106 inches (2.69 m)
Length176 inches (4.47 m)

The Ford Model 91 was a Automobile made by the United Kingdom Ford in 1939 only and was the last of the British pre war V-8 range that had started with the V8 18 in 1932. In total 1878 were made. For the British market it was available as a two door convertible, a two door, five seat estate and a 4 door, 4 seat saloon. It was powered by a 3622 cc Ford Sidevalve V8 and still used the transverse leaf suspension pioneered on the Model T. The Model 91 was also license built by Ford-Vairogs in Latvia as Ford-Vairogs V8 De Luxe.


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