Ford Model B (1904)

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See also Ford Model B (1932)
Ford Model B
Automotive industryFord Motor Company
500 produced
PredecessorFord Model A
SuccessorFord Model K
Car body style2-row Touring car
Internal combustion engineStraight-4
Wheelbase92 in (2337 mm)
Automotive designHenry Ford

Ford Model B was an upscale Touring car introduced in 1904. It was Ford's first car to use the front-engine layout, with a large 24 hp 4-cylinder engine positioned at the front behind a conventional radiator. The smaller Model A-derived Model C positioned its flat 2-cylinder motor under the seat.

Priced at $2000, the Model B was a high end car. Produced for three years, sales were predictably slower than the Model C which was priced at 1/3 the cost. The Model B was replaced by the derivative Model K in 1906.


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