Ford Model F

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Ford Model F
Automotive industryFord Motor Company
1000 produced
PredecessorFord Model C
SuccessorFord Model N
Car classificationEntry-level car
Car body style2-row Phaeton body
Internal combustion engineFlat-2
Wheelbase84 in (2134 mm)
Curb weight1400 lb (635 kg)
Automotive designHenry Ford

The Ford Model F is an Automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company. It was a development of the Model A and Model C, but was larger, more modern, and more luxurious. It was a four-seater Phaeton body with Running board and a side-entrance Tonneau standard. Production started in 1905 and ended in 1906 after about 1000 were made. In 1905, it was priced at $2,000; by contrast, the Colt Runabout Company was United States dollar1500,[1] the F-A-L Motor Company was US$1750,[2] the Cole (car company) US$1500,[2] the Enger Motor Car Company US$2000,[2] and the Lozier Light Six Metropolian US$3,250.[3]


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