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Ford S-Max
Automotive industryFord Motor Company
Production2006 — present
Car classificationLarge MPV
Car body style5-door Multi-purpose vehicle
Automobile platformFord EUCD platform
Wheelbase2850 mm (112.2 in)
Length4770 mm (187.8 in)
Width1885 mm (74.2 in)
Height1660 mm (65.4 in)
RelatedFord Galaxy

The Ford S-Max is a Large MPV produced by the Ford Motor Company for the Europe market and by Chang'an Ford Automobile Co., Ltd for the Chinese (Mainland) market. Introduced at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the S-Max went on sale alongside the redesigned Galaxy in June 2006. It is intended as a "sporty" alternative to the traditional MPV, and slots between the seven-seater large MPV Galaxy and compact MPV Ford C-Max. The S-Max was voted European Car of the Year on 13 November 2006 and in the future it will be sold in Japan as a Mazda.


The 7-seater S-Max is the first vehicle to feature Ford's Kinetic Design styling. On S-Max, Kinetic Design includes angular headlights, twin trapezoidal grilles, and large wheelarches.

One major selling point of the S-Max is its "FoldFlatSystem". This design allows the second and third-row seats to fold flat into the floor.

S-Max in Titanium edition

There are three derivatives of the S-Max; Edge, Zetec, and the high-end Titanium. Ford have stated that around fifty per cent of all S-Max buyers choose Titanium specification. In February 2008, Ford announced that the S-Max will be made available with a new Titanium S series trim. This model aims to add an even more 'sporty character' than the current Titanium series.

In March 2008, a powerful 2.2 175PS TDCi common-rail diesel will be added to Titanium series and will deliver accleration from 0-60 mph in 9.0 seconds.


  • 2.5 L Duratec Turbocharger Straight-5, 220 PS (217 hp/162 kW) (shared with the Ford Focus ST and Volvo C30/S40)
  • 2.3 L Duratec Straight-4, 160 PS (158 hp/118 kW)
  • 2.0 L Duratec Straight-4, 145 PS (143 hp/107 kW)
  • 1.8 L Duratorq TDCi Straight-4, 125 PS (123 hp/92 kW)
  • 2.0 L Duratorq ZSD TDCi Straight-4, 130 PS (128 hp/96 kW)
  • 2.0 L Duratorq ZSD TDCi Straight-4, 140 PS (138 hp/103 kW)
  • 2.2 L TDCi Straight-4, 175 PS (173 hp)

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