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Ford Times was a monthly publication produced by Ford Motor Company. The first issue was published on April 15, 1908 And was published continually until 1996. The magazines were similar to Reader's Digest both literally (Ford Times magazines were of similar "mini magazine" size) and in scope. Each issue usually consisted of several stories, as well as promotional information about current Ford vehicles. Early issues were monochrome, although later issues starting in the 1950s featured color pictures, both photographs and paintings. Famed artist Charles Harper produced much of the art for the magazines in the 1950s and 60s.

Ford Times Cookbooks

A few cookbooks with recipes from past issues of Ford Times were produced.

Ford Truck Times

Ford also produced a series of Truck Times magazines, released quarterly. These were slightly larger, and contained stories that revolved around trucks, as well as information about camping and vacation destinations similar to the regular ford Times magazines.

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