Lincoln Capri

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Lincoln Capri
Automotive industryFord Motor Company
Car classificationLuxury car
Car body style4-seat Sedan (car)
Lincoln Capri 4-Door Sedan 1953
Lincoln Capri

The Lincoln Capri was a Fullsize car automobile sold by Ford's Lincoln automobile Luxury car division. It was introduced for the 1952 model year and deleted after the 1959 model year. The Capri was named the safest car for 1955 in Life magazine. It shared body dies with the Ford Victoria. The Capri featured a 5.6 L (340ci) V8 with a 3-speed automatic Transmission (mechanics), weighed 4,245 lb (1,925 kg), and was roughly as long as a modern Town Car at 216 in (5486 mm). The Capri was also one of the first vehicles to feature an automatic Headlight Dimmer.


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