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The Mercury Brougham was the Ford Motor Company's flagship Mercury model during its two year run from 1967-1968. As it was basically a trim line of the Park Lane, it is sometimes called a Park Lane Brougham. Powerful and luxurious, it was offered as a four-door Sedan (car), a four-door Hardtop and, quite rarely, as a two-door Hardtop (1968 only). Viewers of the 1968-1980 CBS crime drama Hawaii Five-O may recall Jack Lord's character frequently squealing tires throughout Honolulu in a black 1968 Mercury Park Lane Brougham four-door hardtop.

The Brougham nameplate was later applied to the Mercury line to the Marquis until the early 1980s when the Marquis became the Grand Marquis in the Mercury lineup.

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