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Mercury Lynx
1982 Mercury Lynx 5-door
Automotive industryFord Motor Company
AssemblyWayne, Michigan
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
PredecessorMercury Bobcat
SuccessorMercury Tracer
Car classificationCompact car
Car body style3-door Hatchback
4-door Station wagon
5-door Hatchback
Automobile layoutFF layout
Automobile platformFord CE14 platform
Internal combustion engine1.6 L CVH Straight-4
1.9 L CVH Straight-4
2.0 L Mazda Mazda Diesel engine Diesel Straight-4
Transmission (mechanics)4-speed IB4 manual
5-speed MTX-III Manual transmission
3-speed FLC ATX Automatic transmission
Wheelbase94.2 in (2393 mm)
RelatedFord Escort
Ford EXP
Ford Tempo
Mercury LN7
Mercury Topaz

The Mercury Lynx was a Compact car produced by the Ford Motor Company for its Mercury division from 1981 to 1987. It was a Badge engineering version of the Ford Escort. In 1987, the Lynx was dropped after slumping sales (although at one point, it was Mercury's best-selling car). In 1988, Mercury launched the Tracer as the Lynx's replacement. The Tracer was based on the Mazda 323, was built in Mexico and Japan (depending on model), and shared nothing with the Lynx.

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