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The Mercury Meta One was a Concept car created by the Ford Motor Company brand, Mercury, first introduced at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. The Meta One was the first Partial zero-emissions vehicle Diesel-Hybrid vehicle concept vehicle. [1]

It featured a twin-Turbocharger V6 engine diesel engine that had an electric motor in the modular hybrid Transmission (mechanics). The Torque of the Meta One achieved up to 431 lb·ft (584 N·m) and was 97% cleaner than the Tier I emissions standard for Nitrogen oxide .[1]

Like other Concept car, the Meta One featured numerous futuristic gadgets. For instance, the vehicle's key doubled as a Personal Digital Assistant; it was designed to also store emergency contacts. The Meta One also featured built-in Sirius Satellite Radio and a roaming always-on Wi-Fi connection to deliver to the driver updated traffic conditions and real-time reports.[1]

The Meta One will not be released as production vehicle. [2]

See also

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