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This B30 was a Straight-6 Automobile engine produced by Volvo Cars starting in 1969, and used in the company's Volvo 164 sedan from 1969 through 1975. It was also used in the Volvo C303 military vehicle. Other uses included marine, industrial and agricultural applications. It was a robust Pushrod engine using timing gears and displaced 3.0 L (2978 cc/181 inĀ³). Output ranged from 130 hp (97 kW) with the B30A equipped with two Zenith-Stromberg 175CD2SE sidedraught CD Carburetor to 160 hp (119 kW) (Horsepower) from the higher-compression B30E equipped with Bosch D-Jetronic electronic Fuel injection. The engine offered smooth running and high levels of torque at low engine speeds.

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