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  • For articles needing major clean-up, place {{advert|article}} at the top of the article to alert readers.
  • For articles needing minor clean-up, place {{advert|article}} at the top of the talk page to alert editors.
  • To mark specific sections instead of the whole article, place {{advert|section}} at the top of the section.
  • To replace the text "an advertisement", you may use {{advert|article/section|yourtext}} or {{advert|2=yourtext}}
  • This template adds articles to Category:Wikipedia articles needing style editing


  1. {{Ad}}
  2. {{AD}}
  3. {{Advertisement}}
  4. {{Adcopy}}
  5. {{Cleanup-advert}}
  6. {{Cleanup-ad}}
  7. {{Advertising}}
  8. {{Cleanup-advertising}}
  9. {{Advertisment}}
  10. {{Salescatalog}}

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