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This section describes the process for nominating multiple related pages for deletion. This is a variation of the standard nomination process.


Sometimes you will find a number of related articles, all of which you feel should be deleted together. To make it easier for those participating in the discussion, it may be helpful to bundle all of them together into a single nomination. However, for group nominations it is often a good idea to only list one article at afd and see how it goes, before listing an entire group.

Examples of when articles may be bundled into a single nomination:

  • An article about a band and three articles about its members, none of whom has done anything else notable outside of the band.
  • An article about a company/organization and a second article about its founder, who has done nothing else of note.
  • An article about a video game/book and related articles for characters within it.
  • An article about an album and related articles for its songs.
  • An article about any topic and other articles with the same content but with different titles.

If any of the articles you are considering for bundling could stand on its own merits, then it should be nominated separately. Or to put it more succinctly, if you are unsure of whether to bundle an article or not, don't.

To bundle articles for deletion, follow these steps:

Nominate the first article for deletion.

  Follow the steps as outlined here.

Nominate the remaining articles.

  On each of the remaining articles, at the top insert the following:


Replace PageName with the name of the first page to be deleted, not the current page name. In other words, if Some article was the first article you nominated, replace PageName with Some article. As before, please include the word "AfD" in the edit summary and please do not mark the edit as minor. Save the page. Repeat for all articles to be bundled.

(If the article has been nominated before, use {{subst:afdx}} instead of {{subst:afd1}}, and replace "PageName" with the name of the page plus a note like "(second nomination)" for a second nomination, etc. See Template talk:Afdx for details.)

Add the remaining articles to the nomination.

  Go to the first article's deletion discussion page,
  Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PageName, and add a note
  under your original nomination listing all related pages, for example:

I am also nominating the following related pages because [insert reason here]:

:{{la|related article 1}}

:{{la|related article 2}}

In the edit summary, note that you are bundling related articles for deletion.

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