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As noted at courtesy blanking, AfD subpages occasionally generate complaints from people associated with the subject of discussed articles, particularly if those articles are biographies. Jimbo Wales has expressed a desire that potentially offensive subpages be hidden, so that insulting discussions are not shown on Google. A better solution would be to avoid making insulting or offensive comments during deletion discussions; this solution is not intended to allow users to forgo civility and appropriate behavioural standards while proposing the deletion of articles.

AfD subpages with potentially sensitive or offensive commentary can be blanked 24 hours after closing, with the content replaced by this template and, if necessary, the subpage protected. Archives are not intended to be modified anyway, and this just ensures it. It is still possible to view a record of the deletion discussion by checking the subpage's history.

  | article= REQUIRED
  | result= optional; default is '''keep'''


{{subst:afd-privacy|article=Shynola Monzulla|result=delete}}


{{subst:afd-privacy|Shynola Monzulla|delete}}

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