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This template is designed for use on disambiguation pages which only contain links to articles for airports having the same or similar names. It displays a notice on the page and includes it in Category:Airport disambiguation (a subcategory of Category:Disambiguation). It is similar in function to Template:Disambig which is used on general purpose disambiguation pages.


  • For a disambiguation page containing only airport names, add (at bottom of page):
{{airport disambig}}
  • For a disambiguation page containing both airport names and other entries, do not use the {{airport disambig}} template. Instead, add (at bottom of page):
[[Category:Airport disambiguation]].

Choosing the proper template

  • A page that lists Orange County Airport (New York) and Orange County Airport (Texas) should use {{airport disambig}}
  • A page that lists Ryan Field (airport), Ryan Field (sportscaster), and Ryan Field (stadium) should use {{disambig}}

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