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Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC) is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, based automotive fuel cell technology company. Founded in November 2007, the privately-held company was created to allow for further expansion of fuel cell technology.[1][2]

With a share of 50.1%, Daimler AG is the major stakeholder. Ford Motor Company hold a 30% stake and the remaining stake of 19.9% is held by Ballard Power Systems.[1][2]

Ballard Power Systems will transfer its automotive division to AFCC, this makes up the employees of the research and development divisions, about 150, as well as all the intellectual property and expertise relating to automotive fuel cell applications. AFCC research and development departments will work closely with Daimler and Ford to bring advanced full cell stacks technology to the automakers. Daimler AG and Ford will provide the financial backing for AFCC.[1][2]

Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation is managed by Daimler and Ford while Ballard Power Systems play role of marketing.[1][2]

The company is headed by Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt, the Executive Director Hybrid Development for Daimler AG.[1][2]


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