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Elena Ford (born Elena Anne Ford-Niarchos in 1966) is the daughter of Charlotte Ford, an heiress to the Ford Motor Company fortune, and Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos. She is a granddaughter of Henry Ford II. She is Executive Vice President of Ford Motor Credit Global Brand and Marketing, effective August 1, 2007. She is responsible for marketing, product management and sales support activities for Ford Motor Credit Company around the world. She is the first female family member to work directly for the company her great-great grandfather founded in 1903. She is also a former stepdaughter of Edward R. Downe Jr., the founder and chairman of Downe Communications in New York.

In 1991, Ford-Niarchos (as she was then known) married Stanley Jozef Olender, the owner of Stanley O's, an estate maintenance service in Southampton, New York. In 1996, after divorcing Olender, she married Joseph Daniel Rippolone, a plumber, mechanic, builder, and inventor. They have six kids together. In 2008 Joseph Rippolone and Elena Ford divorced by mutual agreement. Though the divorce lasted a year, they remain friends. [1] Elena remains in Grosse Pointe Farms with their four younger children while Joseph lives in Harrison Township with their two older children, Jillian and Joseph Jr. Both of Joseph Rippolone's older children attend Providence College in Rhode Island. Whether Jillian and Joseph Jr participate in the Ford family business or not is left unanswered. The four younger children attend a small private school in Grosse Pointe Farms.

In 1997 Elena Ford was involved in a dispute with her half-siblings by her father's third wife, Eugenia Livanos. Stavros Niarchos stipulated in his will that no one has the right to touch his billions until the year 2009, and two Swiss court decisions have effectively bound the hands of the Niarchos heirs from any inheritance. With the Ford family fortune and the Niarchos money, Elena Ford's estimated worth is clearly in the tens if not hundreds of millions.


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