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Assembly of Ford-Vairogs in Riga in the 1930s.

Ford-Vairogs ("Vairogs" means "Shield") (earlier called "Fenikss") was the name of a car factory in Riga, Latvia, that produced license built Ford cars between September 1937 and 1940 when it was expropriated as the property of the Soviet Government. Not including the war department orders, Ford-Vairogs made 200 buses, 1000 trucks and 332 automobiles.

The cars made were

  • Ford-Vairogs V8 Standard, a copy of 1939 American Ford-V8 92A
  • Ford-Vairogs V8 De Luxe, a copy of 1939 American Ford-V8 91A
  • Ford-Vairogs Taunus, a copy of 1939 German Ford Taunus
  • Ford-Vairogs Junior, a 1937 British Ford 10 Prefect. It was also made in a military version.

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