Ford 7Y

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Ford Model 7Y
ManufacturerFord of Britain
65,098 made.
PredecessorFord Model Y
SuccessorFord Anglia
Body style(s)2-door saloon.
Engine(s)0.9 L Straight-4
Wheelbase78 inches (1.98 m)
Length148 inches (3.76 m)
Width57 inches (1.448 m)
Curb weight1540 pounds (670 kg)
ManualsService Manual

Ford 7Y is a car from Ford built in the United Kingdom between 1938 and 1939.

It was officially marketed as a Ford "Eight", and was a rebodied and slightly larger version of the Ford Model Y. During that time 65,098 cars were produced. The car was powered by a 933 cc, 8 hp Ford Sidevalve engine.

A minor facelift in 1940 resulted in the first Ford Anglia.