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Lion Diesel Engine Family
ManufacturerFord of Europe
ClassDOHC Diesel
Engine(s)2.7 L (2720 cc/165 in³) V6
3.6 (3600 cc/220 in&sup3) L V8
ManualsService Manual

The Lion engine family was developed and manufactured at Ford's Dagenham Diesel Centre for use in PSA Peugeot Citroën vehicles (as DT17 as part of joint venture begun in 1999), Jaguar Cars (as the AJD-V6), and Land Rover vehicles. The engines share the same bore/stroke ratio, with the V6 displacing 2.7L and the V8 displacing 3.6L. The V6 was launched in 2004, with the 3.6L having just launched in 2006. The V6 engine meets the Euro IV emissions standards.

Common Construction

The engine family utilizes a high-tech DOHC with 24/32 valves, twin turbochargers with an air-to-air intercooler, and an innovative compacted graphite iron (CGI) block construction that leads to a low weight of 202 kg dry. High-pressure common rail direct injection completes the picture. Bore is 81 mm and stroke is 88 mm for the engine.

Lion V6

The Jaguar AJD-V6 engine in a 2006 Jaguar XJ.

The V6 utilizes a 60° V configuration. Output is 147 to 152 kW (200 to 207 hp ECE) and up to 440 Nm (325 ft.lbf).

The Land Rover version of the engine (dubbed the TdV6) has a single turbocharger, of a larger capacity than the twin-turbo design. This is to improve the engine's low-speed torque range for off-road and towing applications. It is also fitted with a very large, engine driven cooling fan to support low speed, but high load driving such as those that may be encountered in desert conditions. Other changes made to the Land Rover version of the engine over the Jaguar/Peugeot versions include a deeper high-capacity sump with improved baffles to maintain oil pressure at extreme off-road angles and multi-layered external seals to keep out dust, mud and water.

The engine is a member of the Ford Duratorq family of engines and is produced in Ford's Dagenham engine plant. 35,000 were produced from April through the end of 2004.


Lion V8

See also Ford 4.4 Turbo Diesel

The 3.6 L V8 is built at Dagenham Engine Plant by Ford of Europe. It is a twin-turbocharged Diesel V8 producing 270 PS (266 hp/199 kW) and 640 N·m (472 ft·lbf). Production began in April 2006.

Much speculation in the United States has focused on this engine as a possible Diesel entrant in the F-150 pickup truck and Expedition SUV.[1] It was announced that the new F150 engine will be based on this engine and enlarged to 4.4L. The Cleveland Engine plant recently began small-scale production of the exotic compacted graphite iron (CGI) used in the block's construction, leading many to expect production of the engine there.


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