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The Ford Custom is a car model name that has been used by the Ford Motor Company both in the United States and Canada from the 1930s to 1972.

During its early years, the Custom nameplate represented the deluxe (or, upper-level) range of Ford's line of automobiles. At times, it was often paired with the Deluxe name to become "Custom Deluxe."

Starting in the early 1950s, the Custom nameplate began to represent the mid-range of cars (when the luxury-minded Crestliner (1950-1951), Crestline (1952-1954), and Fairlane (1955-1958) represented the top-line Ford). During some of those years, the nameplate was called Customline (1952-1956).

When the Galaxie was introduced in 1959, the Custom nameplate dropped to the low-line, no-frills range of full-sized cars. While the Custom 500 was a slight step up, the Custom was the stripped, no-frills range of full-sized Fords. Most Customs were sold to police and taxi fleets during the 1960s, although anyone who wanted basic, no-frills transportation with the convenience of a full-sized car could purchase one.

The Ford Custom nameplate was dropped after the 1972 model year, although the Custom 500 remained in the lineup until 1978.