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The Ford D3 platform (for "D-class" and called P2 by Volvo) is a Ford global full-size car automobile platform. It was designed by Volvo before the Ford purchase[1] and debuted with the Volvo S80 sedan in early 1999. The platform is designed for either front- or all wheel drive with an extended wheelbase option.


2008 Mercury Sable

Ford's D3 platform is slightly different from Volvo's original P2. For example, D3 features steel suspension arms, rather than aluminum, and other material cost-saving measures. Ford's current D3 vehicles are built at the Chicago Assembly plant in Chicago, Illinois.

Past vehicles to use this platform include the following:

Vehicles currently using this platform include the following:


D4 is a revision of D3 created to underpin the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT crossovers.

Current D4 vehicles:

Confirmed future vehicles using this platform include the following:

D4 based concepts:

  • Explorer America crossover SUV
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