Ford F-4EAT transmission

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The F-4EAT was a 4-speed computerized, electronically controlled transmission. It was developed by Mazda and JATCO. It was also later produced by Ford Motor Company from 1991 to 2003. It is natively referred to as the F4A-EL by Mazda and Kia. It shares the same planetary gearset and drive ratios as the Mazda G4A-EL and GF4A-EL but a different final drive ratio.

It was used by Ford mainly for the 1991 to 2002 Ford Escort , the 1998 to 2003 Ford ZX2 and the 1991 to 1999 Mercury Tracer but was also used in the Mercury Capri , Mazda Protege and Kia Sephia. It was significantly different from the FLC with full electronic control and a fourth gear overdrive which the FLC lacked.

The data plate code is "E"


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