Ford F-550

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Country Of Origin: United States
Designation: F Series Class 5
Manufacturer: Ford Fleet
Length: m
Width: 2.16 m
Height: N/A m
Wheel Base: N/A m
Ground Clearance: N/A mm
Range: N/A km
Power plant: 6.8L 3-valve Triton V10 engine


The Ford F550 is a class 5 Ford conventional truck. It is unique in its weight class in that the 2003 model shares fenders, hood and grille as well as the cab with a pickup. This model is used in places as a light-framed armored truck. The 'Gurkha' from Armet Armoured Vehicles is one example, and the 'Armored Modular APC' from Centigon is another.


  • SD XL
  • SD XLT
  • SD Lariat

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