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Ford Fusion front 20080222.jpg
Ford Fusion (Europe)
2010 Ford Fusion.jpg
Ford Fusion (Americas)

Ford Fusion is a name used on two different models of cars from the Ford Motor Company.

Additionally, Ford used the name before the launch of the European Ford Focus, in communications with contractors working on elements of that model's launch publicity. (Ford did not reveal whether the late change to "Focus" had been the result of a genuine change in its plans, or simply a desire to conceal the real name from the press until the company was ready for the launch.)

The North American Fusion also encountered naming problems. In this case, its original name was Futura, a model designation used for a version of the 1960s Falcon, and Australian Ford Falcon Futura models from 1964 through to 2008, and last used in the US on a two door version of the Ford Fairmont, and others. Since the name had been shelved for too long, and meanwhile a tire distributor (Pep Boys) had used it, a court challenge by Pep Boys was decided against Ford. Hence the two different Fusions exist.