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Main entrance on 25th St
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Coordinates: 41°15′32.37″N 95°56′51.98″W / 41.2589917°N 95.9477722°W / 41.2589917; -95.9477722Coordinates: 41°15′32.37″N 95°56′51.98″W / 41.2589917°N 95.9477722°W / 41.2589917; -95.9477722
Built/Founded: 1916
Architect: Allan,James T.; Berak & Wind
Architectural style(s): Late 19th And 20th Century Revivals, Other
Added to NRHP: March 20, 1986
NRHP Reference#: 86000444


Governing body: Private

The Ford Hospital, also called the Fifth Avenue Hotel[2], is located at 121 South 25th Street in Midtown Omaha, Nebraska. Built in 1916, the hospital was a privately-operated facility built and operated by Dr. Michael J. Ford. Operating until 1922, it was the last small, private hospital in the city. Originally designed by James T. Allan, the building was sold and remodeled as the Fifth Avenue Hotel in 1929, and again converted in 1987, and currently serves as apartments.[3]

Notable cases

The hospital was instrumental in Omaha's treatment of the "Great Influenza Epidemic" of 1919.[4] That same year Mayor Edward Parsons Smith was brought to the hospital on September 28, 1919. He was nearly lynched by a mob during the Omaha Race Riot that day.[5]

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