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The Ford Motor Company's Kansas City Assembly plant in Claycomo, Missouri is a large automative manufacturing plant which has been called the largest car manufacturing plant in the United States in terms of units produced.[1]

Fortune Magazine noted that in 2004 it was producing 490,000 units a year generating a buzz that it produces "a truck a minute."

The plant is about 10 miles northeast of the Kansas City, Missouri city center. Since its opening in 1951, the "Ford Claycomo Plant", as many in the Kansas City area call it, has generated thousands of jobs, millions of tax dollars for the otherwise minor suburb, and is the largest tax generator in Clay County, Missouri, most of which fund North Kansas City and Liberty schools.

The assembly plant currently produces the popular F-150 (Ford F-Series), Ford Escape, Ford Escape Hybrid, Mercury Mariner, Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Ford Maverick (export only) and Mazda Tribute.

The KCAP opened in 1951 for military production. Converted to auto assembly in 1956 and began production as Ford assembly plant in 1957. The KCAP is now exclusively responsible for building the popular F-150 alongside the Ford Escape & Escape Hybrid. The 4.7-million-square-foot on 1,270 acres (5.1 km2) facility employs 4,725 people. Plant tours were discontinued on September 12, 2001 due to the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks.

The plant is on the site where former Trans World Airlines president Jack Frye owned a home. Legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh visited often and reportedly spent his honeymoon with Anne Morrow Lindbergh here.


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