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Ford LTD DC 1992
ManufacturerFord Australia
Body style(s)sedan
Engine(s)6cyl 4.0 litre
8cyl 5.0 litre
Transmission(s)4 sp automatic
ManualsService Manual

The Ford LTD was a luxury automobile model produced by the Ford Motor Company of Australia from 1973 to 2007.

In Australia, the LTD name adorned a luxurious, long-wheelbase version of the Ford Falcon from 1973 and was favoured by government officials there. There is a related downmarket model called the Fairlane which is basically the same car but with fewer options, which is still a luxurious car. At least in Australia LTD originally stood for "Lincoln Type Design" although Ford in Australia later promoted a connection with meaning "Limited."

The LTD was only available as a four door sedan although a luxury two door coupé called the Ford Landau was released at the same time as the original P5 Series LTD, in August 1973. The Landau was based on the Australian Falcon Hardtop and therefore featured a 111 inch wheelbase as opposed to the 121 inch wheelbase of the LTD. Both models were notable for their concealed headlamps, which would be revealed when their vacuum-operated grille sections were retracted. The technology was similar to that found on an option offered on an earlier Ford Thunderbird. Standard equipment on both the LTD and the Landau included integrated air conditioning, automatic transmission, electric windows and a 351 cubic inch V8 engine.

A facelift of the LTD in 1976, the P6 Series, saw an even more flamboyant grille with four round headlamps, apeing Rolls-Royces and other luxury models. The Landau was discontinued at this time. In 1977, a limited edition "Silver Monarch" model was released and was only available in a "Stardust Silver" colour, a specially imported silver vinyl roof and a Cranberry red velour interior.

In October 1979 the second generation LTD was launched as the FC Series, using the same wheelbase and body panels as the Ford Fairlane and with six cylinder engine offered for the first time. The FC was updated to the FD Series in March 1982 with the V8 engine option deleted the following year. The FE Series facelift was released in October 1984.

The third generation LTDs came on stream as the DA Series in June 1988 for the 1989 model year, based on the EA26-series Falcon. This was updated to the DC Series in August 1991 with a V8 engine now back on the option list. The DF Series followed in March 1995 and the DL Series in September 1996.

The fourth generation LTD, built on the EA169 platform, was Ford Australia's top model from 1999 and was exported to New Zealand and Fiji. A small number of LTDs were exported to the UK, where they were converted into hearses and limousines. It was launched as the AU Series in May 1999 and it received its first major facelift in July 2003, as part of the BA series updates, though it began sharing its tail lights with the lesser Falcon. From this point the LTD was no longer offered with a six cylinder engine. The BF Series upgrade was released in October 2005.

On May 10, 2007, Ford Australia officially announced that the LWB sedan platform was not to be continued, bringing to an end the Australian-built Fairlane and LTD due to low sales.

Unlike some lesser Fords, the Fairlane and LTD were never assembled in New Zealand.


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