Ford LTD Crown Victoria

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Ford LTD Crown Victoria
1983-1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria sedan
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
AssemblySt. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
PredecessorFord LTD
SuccessorFord Crown Victoria
Body style(s)2-door coupe
4-door sedan
4-door station wagon
PlatformFord Panther platform
Engine(s)302 cu in (4.9 L) Windsor V8
351 cu in (5.8 L) Windsor V8
Transmission(s)4-speed AOD automatic
Wheelbase114.3 in (2903 mm) (sedan)
Length211 in (5359 mm) (sedan)
215.7 in (5479 mm) (1990-91 wagon)
216 in (5486 mm) (1988-89 wagon)
Width77.5 in (1969 mm) (sedan)
79.3 in (2014 mm) (wagon)
Height55.6 in (1412 mm) (sedan)
56.5 in (1435 mm) (wagon)
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Lincoln Town Car
ManualsService Manual

The Ford LTD Crown Victoria was a full-size rear-wheel drive sedan produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1983 to 1991. It was renamed the Ford Crown Victoria after 1992, but while receiving a completely different body and drivetrain, it used the same platform.


The Ford LTD was moved to the Ford Panther platform in 1979, and the Ford LTD Landau was carried over. For the second model year, 1980, the Landau model was renamed the Crown Victoria. These cars had a targa-like chrome band across the roof, usually paired with a landau vinyl roof.

From 1983 to 1986, the LTD nameplate was used for two separate cars. It was kept on the full-size model as the LTD Crown Victoria, and placed on a mid-size car based on the Ford Fox platform as the LTD.

  • 1983: All full-size Fords were now called LTD Crown Victoria, as the Granada was heavily facelifted and renamed the LTD. Additionally, the full-size car received a facelift itself receiving a new grille and new taillight lenses. The old LTD 'S' front fascia was dropped, leaving only the former high-end quad-headlight fascia. Electronic "Central Fuel Injection" (CFI), Ford's term for "common fuel rail" fuel injection, was now standard on the 302 cu 5.0L engine.
  • 1986 "Sequential Fire" electronic fuel injection, based on Ford's OBD-1 compliant EEC-IV computer, became standard on civilian models.
1988-1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria sedan
  • 1988 Received updated front end styling (on all models), plus a new decklid and rear-end styling on sedans (with taillights resembling the Oldsmobile Delta 88). The coupe is discontinued. Several items available previously as options, such as AutoLamp (the automatic headlight system), now become standard equipment.
  • 1990 Received a new dashboard and steering column along with a driver's side airbag and rear outboard shoulder belts.
  • 1991 Last model year for the 1979 body style and last year of the station wagon. The only change was front turn signal lamps were now clear rather than amber.

Police cars used the 351-cubic-inch (5.8 L) Windsor V-8. The 351 Windsor used Ford's notoriously troublesome Variable Venturi carburetor until 1988 at which time Ford began using a 4 barrel Holley carburetor which was much more reliable and gave the engine more torque and horsepower.


When introduced in 1983, two model ranges were available: the "base" model and a lower-priced "S" version. Both ranges came standard with the CFI V-8 engine, an AOD automatic transmission with overdrive, power steering, power front disc brakes, full carpeting, and bumper guards. The base model added a reclining cloth bench seat, full wheel covers, full courtesy lighting, the landau-style padded vinyl roof with targa trim band and AM/FM stereo radio.

The budget "S" model was comparable to the former base LTD series, and as such had such features as a vinyl bench seat, AM radio (stereo radios were available at extra cost) and lower-grade carpeting. The landau vinyl roof was deleted (a full, non-padded vinyl roof was available at extra cost). Several other items were deleted (such as several of the courtesy lights). The "S" model was the designated fleet model, although a budget-conscious private customer could also order this version.

An Interior Luxury Package was offered on the base model, and included upgraded interior fabrics (including a higher-grade of carpeting), split-bench dual recliner front seats, full-bench center armrest rear seats, additional sound insulation, door-mounted courtesy lights and power windows (on a dedicated control panel, where the power remote mirror and door lock switches also were placed when ordered). This trim package became its own model (designated the "LX") for the 1986 model year.

Options included air conditioning (made standard in 1987), tilt steering wheel, cruise control, power door locks, cast aluminum wheels, cornering lamps, an illuminated entry system, a TripMinder computer, automatic headlights, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Buyers could also upgrade the stereo system and wheel covers, and order various paint and vinyl roof treatments as well.[1]

Other body styles

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1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria coupe
1988-1990 LTD Country Squire
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The LTD Crown Victoria was available in coupe form until 1987, when it was discontinued due to lack of sales. Enthusiasts view LTD Crown Victoria coupes as very collectible. The later 4door sedan cop car (P71) came with a 351ci V8.

Station wagon

A station wagon version was also produced, both as the LTD Crown Victoria and also as the LTD Country Squire. The Country Squire featured the traditional wood-grained body side panels.


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