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The Ford Model U was a concept car created by the Ford Motor Company. This vehicle was first introduced at the 2003 Washington D.C. Auto Show. This concept is one of a kind with its automatic features and recyclability. Ford wanted this vehicle to be a modern 21st century interpretation to the original Ford Model T.


The Model U uses a 2.3-liter, four-cylinder supercharged, intercooled hydrogen internal combustion I4 engine which also uses a hybrid electric transmission. With this type of engine and transmission, this engine lived up to PZEV standards.


The Model U has some of the most revolutionary technology ever done onto a car. The vehicle is completely made up of a soy-based exterior and a mainly fully automatic interior. The Model U has a power-retractable canvas roof. The interior can remain uncluttered with the Model U's innovative slot system. The Model U can go from a SUV to a pickup truck with its automatic retractable behind.