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Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited is the manufacturing and sales arm of Ford Motor Company for Canada. It was founded in 1904 in Walkerville, Ontario by Gordon McGregor as President and Henry Ford as Vice-President. Ford took over the Presidency in 1906 and continued in this role until succeeded by his son Edsel Ford in 1927. Current Ford HQ is in Oakville, Ontario.

Historically Ford was one of most powerful companies in Canada, and in the 1970s, Ford was the "largest" company in Canada.[1] Ford of Canada celebrated its Centennial in 2004, shortly after the Parent Company Ford in the United States did in 2003.

Current CEO and President of Ford Motor Company of Canada is David Mondragon, effective September 1, 2008, replacing Barry Engle [2] who recently resigned to join New Holland America as its CEO. William H. Osborne had held the position since 2005 and was replaced by Engle in February 2008. [3]

The firm both sells automobiles in Canada, and manufactures automobiles, for sale in Canada and other countries.

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