Ford Ranchero Rio Grande

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The Ford Ranchero Rio Grande was a little-known and extremely rare version of the Ford Ranchero.

Offered only in the 1969 model year and available only on special order, this was essentially a top-of-the-line Ranchero GT in the so-called "Grabber" colors of either "Wimbledon White," "Poppy Red" or "Calypso Coral," along with a partially blacked-out hood with scoop, Magnum 500 wheels with "Ford Ranchero Rio Grande" wheel centers, vinyl side striping, chrome bed railings and vinyl top appliqué. As a result, Rancheros so equipped received Ford's "SPECIAL PERFORMANCE VEHICLE" identification on the data plate regardless of engine choice. These vehicles may be identified by the aforementioned designation as well as a blank space where the trim code would normally be found. Production figures are unclear, but may have been around 400 total units.

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