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The Ford T platform is Ford Motor Company's large SUV automobile platform. It is based on the P2 platform used in the company's pickup trucks. It is available in rear wheel drive and all wheel drive with V8 engines.


The T1 platform debuted with the 2007 Ford Expedition. For 2007, the Lincoln Navigator moved to the T1 as well.


Current Ford platforms
B3 (subcompact FWD) · C1 (compact car FWD) · CD2 (compact SUV FWD/AWD)

CD3 (mid-size car FWD/AWD) · D3 (full-size car FWD/AWD) · EUCD (mid-size car FWD/AWD)
D2C (sports car RWD) · P2/P3 (full-size car pickup) · U2/U3 (mid-size SUV)
T1 (full-size SUV) · V2 (minivan) · VN (full-size van)
DEW98 (mid-size car RWD) · Panther (full-size car RWD) · VH (sports car RWD)