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The Ford Verona was a car sold in Brazil in the 1990s. It was a locally designed two-door saloon version of the European Ford Orion Mk 1, intended to cater to Brazilian demand for two-door sedans (no two-door Orion was available in Europe). It also featured the very efficient CHT 1.6 engine and, in the top version, the Volkswagen AP 1.8 liter engine (same that was also used in the Audi 80). It was also slightly different from the Ford Orion mechanically.

In 1993 came a new generation, based on the European Ford Orion Mk 3 (the last of European Orion). This version was powered by the classic Volkswagen AP engine instead of the traditional CHT engine and the gearbox from the Volkswagen Jetta. There was a successful four-door sedan version as well.

Under the Autolatina joint venture, which saw Ford and Volkswagen share models in Brazil and Argentina, the Mk 3½-based version was also sold by Volkswagen as the Apollo, and later the Mk 4-based version was named Logus. Both featured VW's own interior design.

The Verona was available until 1996, when it was no longer produced.