Mazda B-Series

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1986 Mazda B2000 extended cab
Mazda B2300

Mazda has sold two entirely different compact pickup trucks under the B-Series name. The basic B-Series, like many vehicles, is named for its engine displacement. For example, the B2300 used a 2300 cc engine, while the B4000 used a much larger 4000 cc engine.

The B-Series line began in Japan in 1961 with the B1500 and continues to this day, though it is no longer available in the home market of Japan. The line split in 1994, with the North American B-Series becoming a rebadged Ford Ranger and the international version continuing development as a Mazda. Confusingly, the Mazda truck is sold with the Ford Ranger name in many markets. An offshoot SUV, the Ford Everest, is also produced. The B-series is also sold as the Bravo in some markets, including Australia.

See the following pages for specific information:

  • Mazda B-Series (International) for the truck sold in Japan and much of the rest of the world:
    • Mazda Fighter - Thailand, Malaysia
    • Mazda Proceed - Japan
    • Mazda Bravo/Ford Courier - Australia
    • Mazda Bounty/Ford Courier - New Zealand
    • Mazda Drifter - South Africa
    • Mazda Karere
    • Ford Ranger - Europe and much of Asia
  • Mazda B-Series (North America) for the truck sold in the United States and Canada:

Mazda also had two other pickup truck lines in Japan: