Mazda BT-50

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Mazda BT-50
2006 Mazda BT-50
PredecessorMazda B-Series (International)
Class1-ton pickup truck
Body style(s)2-door 1-ton pickup truck
RelatedMazda B-Series
Ford Ranger
ManualsService Manual

The BT-50 (model code J97M) is a 1-ton pickup truck from Mazda. It is a larger version of the predecessor B-Series/Ford Ranger pickup and is not sold in the North American market. The BT-50 was launched at the Bangkok Motor Show on March 22, 2006. It shares its Duratorq/MZR-CD 2.5 L and 3.0 L Diesel straight-4 engines with the Ranger. In late November 2006, the new 5-Speed automatic transmission with BorgWarner transfer case has been added, as well as side airbags.

The BT-50 gets minor redesign in middle of first quarter of 2008. Several optional equipments become standard from this on. Minor modified interior. 5 new exterior colors added. While dropped every 4x2 models with 3.0 liter diesel engine.

Latin America:

The BT-50 (Assembled in Colombia) is being sold with three options:

- A 2.6 L straight-4 4x4 only. Same Motor and transmission used in the previous Mazda B2600.

- A 2.2 L straight-4 4x2 only. Entry level model same as the old B2200.

- A 2.5 L Diesel straight-4 Either 4x2 or 4x4.

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