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The Mazda C platform is an automobile platform for midsize cars. It has was derived from the Mazda G platform used in the Mazda Capella/626. Unlike the wider. early-90s 626, cars based on the C platform were limited to 1700mm in width.


The CA platform was developed for Mazda's new upmarket Eunos marque. Just one car, sold under two names, used this platform.


The platform was also used in the Mazda Lantis.


CG was very closely related to its predecessors. It was used for the replacement Mazda Capella, an emergency marketing measure because many believed cars wider than 1700mm wouldn't sell well in Japan, and Mazda only had wider cars in the Capella/626's class then.


  • 1999-2002 Ford Ixion (minivan)
  • 1999-2002 Mazda Premacy (minivan)

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