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Motorcraft is an auto parts brand of Ford Motor Company.


The Ford Motor Company launched the auto parts division in 1972 to provide quality replacement parts and original equipment parts. This brand replaced Autolite as Ford's official parts brand. Autolite is still a brand name in use today, but is now owned by Honeywell.


Motorcraft-sponsored NASCAR racecar

Today parts are designed and engineered to fit for installation on Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford vehicles. Some parts, such as Motorcraft's extensive list of oil filter applications, fit a wide variety of makes/models not built by Ford Motor Company.

Motorcraft products are sold through Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealerships, as well as national auto parts stores such as O'Reilly Auto Parts, AutoZone, some Carquest, and Wal*Mart stores. Wal*Mart also offers a Motorcraft oil change consisting of Motorcraft oil and oil filters.

Many times, Ford will approach a contract manufacturer of a particular product (many times a supplier to the company already) and work with them to create a version for sale under the Motorcraft name. These products must meet high quality standards set by the Ford Motor Company in order to be considered for retail sale. This represents a good value to the consumer, as they get a high quality product at a fair price, backed by a major automaker.

Motorcraft Motor Oil

Motorcraft also makes motor oil for automotive use. As of the late 2000s most of their oil is a synthetic blend or fully synthetic designed to last beyond the normal 3,000 mile change interval. However the Motorcraft Synthetic Blend oils are usually priced the same as or even lower than some brands of conventional oil. This presents a great value to the customer as they are getting a superior quality motor oil for about the same price as regular conventional oil. Several weights are available from the 5W-20 all the way to a 15W-40 for diesel engines. Most auto parts stores and even retailers like Wal-Mart carry Motorcraft oil at bargain prices making it a great choice of motor oil no matter what brand of vehicle one drives. It is currently one of the best selling and one of the over-all best rated motor oils, as it has to pass several standards before Ford will put the Motorcraft label on it.

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