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[[image:Template:Location map Nebraska|220px|Omaha Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant is located in Template:Location map Nebraska]]
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Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Coordinates: 41°16′5″N 95°56′11″W / 41.26806°N 95.93639°W / 41.26806; -95.93639Coordinates: 41°16′5″N 95°56′11″W / 41.26806°N 95.93639°W / 41.26806; -95.93639
Built/Founded: 1916
Architect: Albert Kahn
Architectural style(s): Late 19th And 20th Century Revivals
Added to NRHP: December 29, 2004
NRHP Reference#: 04001412


Governing body: Private

The Omaha Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant is located at 1514-1524 Cuming Street in North Omaha, Nebraska. Built in 1916, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. Between the year it was built and 1932 the plant employed 1,200 people and built approximately 450,000 cars and trucks. In the 1920s the plant was Omaha's second biggest shipper.[2] The plant ceased production in 1936.

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