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Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Land Rover Range Rover Sport .jpg
ManufacturerLand Rover
Parent companyFord (2005-2008)
Tata Motors (2008-)
AssemblySolihull, England
ClassMid-size sport utility vehicle
Body style(s)5-door SUV
LayoutFront engine, four-wheel drive
Engine(s)Jaguar AJ-V8
Supercharged AJ-V8
Turbo Diesel V6
Turbo Diesel V8
Transmission(s)6-speed automatic
Wheelbase2745 mm (108 in.)
Length4788 mm (188.5 in)
Width2170 mm (85.4 in)
Height1800 mm (70.9 in)
RelatedLand Rover Discovery
ManualsService Manual
Based on the Discovery (LR3) platform, the Range Rover Sport has offroad capability.

The Range Rover Sport is a full-size luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Land Rover since the summer of 2005. It shares its platform with the Land Rover Discovery (LR3 in North America) rather than the larger Range Rover. Land Rover calls the vehicle a sports tourer. It slots below the Discovery/LR3 in size and has seating for five. The top-level Sport is powered by a supercharged 390 PS (287 kW/390 hp) 4.2 L AJ-V8, making it the second most powerful vehicle in the company's history except for the larger Range Rover Vogue SE supercharged (450 bhp (340 kW), 420 lb·ft (569 N·m)). A normally-aspirated 4.4 L version is available with 300 PS (220 kW/295 hp) [1]. Due to lack of popularity the normally aspirated V8 was dropped from the UK market in 2007, leaving the supercharged model as the sole Petrol (Gasoline) model on sale, which has a top speed standing at an electronically limited 130 mph (209 km/h). It has Brembo brakes at the front to improve stopping distances due to the unusually heavy weight (5,866 lb (2,661 kg)) of the vehicle. The TDV6 turbodiesel engine of 190 hp (140 kW) is available outside the North American market as is the 272 hp (203 kW) TDV8. Competitors include the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz GL450, Infiniti QX56, Hummer H2, Lincoln Navigator, and Toyota Land Cruiser. [[All models have six-speed automatic transmissions and fuel capacities of about Template:Convert/LoffAonDbSoffImp gallons.[2] The Premier Automotive Group claims the Range Rover Sport can wade 70 cm (27.6 in) of water.


The Range Rover Sport made the Premier Automotive Group the target of a protest by Greenpeace in 2005. The protesters infiltrated an assembly facility and temporarily delayed production of the vehicle. Greenpeace quoted issue with contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, and by extension, global warming, that would result from the vehicle's inefficient combustion of hydrocarbons. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates for the non-supercharged car are 14 mpg-US (17 L/100 km; 17 mpg-imp) (combined). Although, it must be noted that for this test the EPA used their newly calibrated system for 2008 and on.


The Range Rover Sport made its first appearance late in 2004, as a concept vehicle called Range Stormer. This was a bright orange, low-slung, 3-door, that hinted very heavily at the styling of the new model. When the production model was released, it had morphed into a five-door, was not much shorter than the standard Range Rover, and its styling was much less radical, although still identifiable with the concept model. This disappointed many people, though it is still selling well. It is questioned, however, whether this model will actually add sales, or simply cannibalise the Range Rover's sales.


Contrary to the image portrayed by its "sport" tag and styling, the vehicle employs the off-road systems of the Discovery 3.

Its off-road capabilities were used on the British motoring show Top Gear, when Jeremy Clarkson had a skirmish of manoeuvrability in one with a Challenger 2 tank on Salisbury Plain [3]


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