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Ford Thunderbird

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The '''Thunderbird''' was an automobile manufactured by the [[Ford Motor Company]] in the [[United States]] from 1955 through 2005 — through thirteen generations and various body types.
The name "''Thunderbird''" was inspired by the name of an exclusive housing development{{Fact|date=November 2008}} and recalls the [[Thunderbird (mythology)|mythological creature]] common to Indigenous peoples of North America.
== Overview ==
The 1980 and 1982 Thunderbirds offered vacuum operated [[hidden headlamps]]. Digital instrumentation was also available, along with a variety of trim packages. The 1980 Thunderbird was also among the first cars with a keyless entry keypad available. [[Recaro]] bucket seats were optional, and power windows were available.
In 1980, Thunderbird was offered as a "Silver Anniversary Edition" model commemorating the 25th anniversary of the car. The external color scheme was called "Anniversary Glow Silver" and the interior was a silver/gray velour with optional leather available. The standard list of features was very comprehensive including the 302 V-8 as standard, as well as a host of luxury trim and convenience options above what the "Town Landau" model offered. Standard features included a garage door opener and a unique landau roof treatment with unique trim and exterior model designation badging.{{facts|date=February 2009}}
The 2003 Thunderbird was featured in the [[James Bond]] movie [[Die Another Day]]. [[Halle Berry]]'s character of Jinx drove one in the movie. The mainly superficial design changes for the 007 edition Thunderbird were designed by [[Sid Ramnarace]], including the Coral paint color which would become the basis for the Jinx character's wardrobe. Ford issued a limited edition which was produced to commemorate the movie.
In the last 50 years, some 4.2 million Thunderbirds have been sold{{Fact|date=February 2007}}.

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