Volvo side valve six cylinder engine

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Volvo introduced its first straight-6 engine in 1929. It was a side valve engine with a cast iron block and seven main bearings. These engines powered all six cylinder Volvo passenger cars and taxi cabs between 1929 and 1958.


Version Year Bore x stroke Displacement Power Application Notes
DB 1929-32 76.2x110 mm 3,010 cc (Template:Convert/cid) 55 hp (41 kW; 56 PS) PV651-652, TR671-674
EB 1932-35 79.4x110 mm 3,366 cc (Template:Convert/cid) 65 hp (48 kW; 66 PS) PV652-654, TR673-679
EC 1935-45 84.14x110 mm 3,670 cc (Template:Convert/cid) 86 hp (64 kW; 87 PS) PV658-659, PV36, PV51-56, TR701-704, PV801-802
ECG 1940-45 84.14x110 mm 3,670 cc (Template:Convert/cid) 50 hp (37 kW; 51 PS) PV51-56, PV801-802 War time wood gas conversion
ED 1946-58 84.14x110 mm 3,670 cc (Template:Convert/cid) 90 hp (67 kW; 91 PS) PV60, PV821-834

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  • Volvo Personvagnar-från 20-tal till 80-tal av Björn-Eric Lindh, 1984. ISBN 91-86442-06-6