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The following is a list of vehicles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company under the Ford marque. For other vehicles produced by Ford Motor Company see List of Mercury vehicles, list of Lincoln vehicles, Edsel.


North America



Models in alphabetic order





See also Fordson tractor

In 1986, Ford Agriculture.[clarification needed] In 1987 they bought Versatile, who made super-tractors. All this buying was to rival manufacturers like Deere & Company and Case IH but because of the 1980s American tractor slump, Ford were forced to think again. In 1988 they sold 80% of it to Fiat and in 1991 they bought the remaining 20%. So it was the end for Ford tractors. Fiat rebranded their European tractors under the newly acquired name of Ford-New Holland. In 2001, the Ford name was dropped.


School Bus
  • Ford Transit bus van
  • Ford Minibus using F450 chassis
  • Ford Minibus using E350 (formerly Econoline 350)
  • Ford E450 Super Duty minibus
  • Ford Class C School Bus using B600, B700, B800 chassis
  • Ford MB IV 100, 100A, 200, 200C Super Duty

' Commercial Buses

  • Ford MBC IV200
  • Ford MBC IV 200C
  • Ford MBC IV 300
  • Ford MBC IV IV 300D
  • Ford MBC II 800
Commercial Bus
  • Ford Specialty Trolley
Transit/Suburban Bus
  • Ford G997
  • Ford R1014
  • Ford Trader
  • Ford Hawke
  • Ford ET7 with Casha bodywork
  • Ford 19B, 29B
  • Ford 72B
  • Ford ET7 Aqualina

Concept and movie cars

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